This a Sequence that gets the number of changes in Stack Overflow tag count. This queries SO API every x minutes, gathers, compares and outputs result as difference.


  • Name: @scramjet/stack-overflow
  • Version: 0.23.0
  • Language: typescript
  • Author: iaforek
  • Tags: medium,Stack Overflow,Q&A,Big Data,Data Producer


❗ Remember to setup transform-hub locally or use the platform's environment for the sequence deployment.

Open the terminal and run the following commands:

# go to 'stack-overflow' directory cd typescript/stack-overflow # install dependencies npm install # transpile TS->JS to dist/ npm run build # deploy the Sequence from the dist/ directory, which contains transpiled code, package.json and node_modules si seq deploy dist --args '[minutes, "request_key"]' # "request_key" argument is optional, e.g.: si seq deploy dist --args [1] # See Instance output si inst output - # Optional commands below: # Check console.log messages si inst stdout - # Check console.error messages si inst stderr -

💡NOTE: Command deploy performs three actions at once: pack, send and start the Sequence. It is the same as if you would run those three commands separately:

si seq pack dist/ -o stack-overflow.tar.gz # compress 'dist/' directory into file named 'stack-overflow.tar.gz' si seq send stack-overflow.tar.gz # send packed Sequence to STH, this will output Sequence ID si seq start - --args [minutes, \"request_key\"] # start the Sequence with arguments ("request_key" argument is optional), this will output Instance ID

Example output

{"diff":{"python":1,"c#":1,"android":1,"html":2,"jquery":1,"c++":1,"css":1,"node.js":1,"reactjs":1,".net":1,"swift":2,"xml":1,"":1,"amazon-web-services":1,"function":-1,"csv":1},"timestamp":1632986938780} {"diff":{"python":1,"c#":1,"android":1,"html":2,"jquery":1,"c++":1,"css":1,"node.js":1,"reactjs":1,".net":1,"swift":2,"xml":1,"":1,"amazon-web-services":1,"function":-1,"csv":1},"timestamp":1632986998764} {"diff":{"python":3,"java":2,"php":-1,"android":1,"c++":1,"sql":2,"r":1,"node.js":-1,"":1,"python-3.x":-1,"django":1,"angular":1,"excel":1,"pandas":1,"":-1,"typescript":1,"mongodb":-1,"windows":-1,"postgresql":1,"bash":1,"amazon-web-services":1,"dataframe":1,"python-2.7":-1,"qt":1},"timestamp":1632987118788}