Scramjet Cloud Platform Concept

Scramjet Cloud Platform (SCP) is a distributed data processing platform that empowers you to effortlessly deploy, run, and seamlessly integrate data across distinct environments. SCP's versatility shines through its ability to execute multiple programs concurrently in various programming languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript and Python. While also enabling the seamless transfer of data between Instances (running user programs) using Topics, either through direct object retrieval and provision in your source code or via an API endpoint.

Topics reside within isolated environments known as Spaces, and their accessibility confined to these designated Spaces. By default, each user's account allocates one Space and one Hub. Hubs act as engines that execute the user's Sequences (programs). Connecting a Hub to a Space extends access to all Topics created on that Hub to the corresponding Space and all Hubs linked to that specific Space, facilitating data transfer even across Instances operating on distinct Hubs.

Incorporating standard-based coding patterns without imposing boilerplates or specific frameworks, Scramjet Cloud Platform (SCP) offers flexibility in interaction; either directly through public API, using Scramjet CLI or Scramjet Cloud Platform Panel (SCP). The Scramjet Cloud Panel not only facilitates monitoring and control but also invokes Sequences. SCP equips you as a user with the ability to effortlessly receive, process, and share data through a secured API with minimal configuration requirements. Impressively, Scramjet Transform Hub boasts a memory footprint of less than 256MB on local machines, accommodating diverse data formats such as images, videos, voice, and streams.

Furthermore, the SCP introduces powerful enhancements, including the Sequence Runner, designed to execute and manage long-running lambda-like functions as Sequences, thereby delivering direct data exchange to your code. Notably, The Scramjet Transform Hub efficiently orchestrates running processes and data connectivity across an array of environments, from Raspberry Pi devices to cloud-based Kubernetes clusters. By establishing a centralized data space, the SCP facilitates seamless data interchange between hubs and enables federated control of the entire solution. The Cloud Platform Console, equipped with both a CLI and web application, empowers remote solution management from anywhere in the world, ensuring robust control while preserving the security and integrity of all components involved.

Scramjet Cloud Platform has 3 pillars:

Scramjet Cloud

Run data workflows leveraging cloud API’s from a central location on the Internet without setting up servers or cloud accounts, when all you need is a simple program running 24/7.​ Be up and running in minutes, not months.​


Self-Hosted Hub

Connect data from your on-premise servers or data center, offices and local resources without dealing with VPN’s, API’s and firewalls, with centralized data storage and one central point of control.​ Add your environment with a single command-line.​

Self-Hosted Hub

Scramjet Cloud Platform - Data Mesh

Integrate your data as a product in company wide workflows, from heavy ML to mini sensors, with governance and self-service for all data consumers built in.​ Build a Virtual Data Mesh for a Data Driven Business​.

SCP Data Mesh-Mobile SCP Data Mesh-Desktop

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