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Scramjet Cloud Platform Concept

Scramjet Cloud Platform (SCP) is a distributed data processing platform which allows you to deploy, run and integrate data on demand and between separate environments. SCP also has the ability to run several programs simultaneously in multiple programming languages and can transfer data between your Instances through Topics either by retrieving and providing an object in your source code or through an API endpoint.

Topics are created in an isolated environment called a Space and accessible only within that Space. By default, a user account has one Space and one Hub. A Hub is an engine which runs the user's Sequences (programs). When a Hub is connected to a Space all topics created on this Hub are also accessible on that Space and on all Hubs connected to that particular Space. This enables transferring data between your Instances even if they are running on different Hubs.

Scramjet Cloud Platform (SCP) uses standard-based coding patterns without enforcing boilerplates or specific frameworks, with the optional method of interaction through a platform console in order to monitor, control and invoke Sequences.

SCP allows you as a user to receive, process and share data - all via a secured API with minimum configuration, with a memory footprint of less than 256MB on your local machine. Data can assume many different shapes and sizes (images, videos, voice, or streams).

Several Sequences can be initialized at the same time containing same or different datasets which can be forwarded from one instance to another.

Scramjet Cloud Platform has 3 pillars:

Scramjet Cloud

Run data workflows leveraging cloud API’s from a central location on the Internet without setting up servers or cloud accounts, when all you need is a simple program running 24/7.​ Be up and running in minutes, not months.​


Self-Hosted Hub

Connect data from your on-premise servers or data center, offices and local resources without dealing with VPN’s, API’s and firewalls, with centralized data storage and one central point of control.​ Add your environment with a single command-line.​

Self-Hosted Hub

Scramjet Cloud Platform - Data Mesh

Integrate your data as a product in company wide workflows, from heavy ML to mini sensors, with governance and self-service for all data consumers built in.​ Build a Virtual Data Mesh for a Data Driven Business​.

SCP Data Mesh-Mobile SCP Data Mesh-Desktop

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