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Scramjet. Connecting your data environments instantly.

Scramjet is on a mission to simplify integration of cloud and local processing systems since its inception in 2020.​

Instead of months of building VPNs and public API gateways, with Scramjet Cloud Platform you’ll connect your remote environments and run your real-time, long-lived integration functions after just 2 minutes.

All your systems from all your environments​ will act as if they were in the same room.​

Remove unnecessary work from your backlog.​

Thanks to Sequences , our long-lived cloud functions, your development will get swift and easy:​​

  • As long as you need – Having to fit your processing of a large data set in a short time or run long tasks? Cloud providers limit you to 15 minutes? How about infinite data forever?​

  • In a blink of an eye – Databases, queues, API gateways all need configuration and need time to run, so your system is taking seconds to react… We react in under a millisecond!​

  • Built in data flow controls – queues build up and lock your systems? Sequences read data in chunks, and they adapt the processing speed. You’ll never overload your systems!

Work smarterWork smarter
Work FasterWork Faster

Get your remote systems connected on day one. ​​

The agent of the Platform, the Transform Hub , will install on the tiniest of cloud and local servers and run Sequences there:​​​

  • Avoid the unknowns – isn’t it sad when the integration fails because of incompatible systems, AFTER you’ve done 90% of the work? The Hub runs where your systems are.

  • Be where your data is – why spend weeks or months on setting up multiple servers with large CPUs and terabytes of RAM? The Hub needs only 30 MB RAM

  • Install in seconds – are you sick and tired of every deployment being different? In the cloud or in a physical location – no matter, the Hub installs in under a minute.​

If you want to know more about Scramjet Cloud Platform, go here:

Scramjet Cloud Platform

Scramjet proudly creates two innovative open-source products, leading the way in community-driven development:

Scramjet Transform Hub

Scramjet Framework

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