Scramjet solution

Virtual data mesh

Scramjet Cloud Platform is a distributed data processing platform that allows you to deploy and run your programs in a serverless manner. It allows customers to run programs simultaneously in multiple languages, and interconnect multiple environments in ubiquitous data spaces, where programs can share the data and expose it through a single, globally available API.

Scramjet Transform Hub is the open-source core of the Scramjet Cloud Platform. It allows customers to starting the execution part of the platform in any environment, on any system, on premises or at any cloud or infrastructure provider. Our customers can install STH (Scramjet Transform Hub) on any Linux compatible system and access their data from any location, using private APIs or deploy a whole solution deep behind firewalls, leveraging your own available computing resources.

Scramjet Framework is a popular stream processing library that allows efficient processing of large and real-time data sets. It is the operational core of our platform. Thanks to it, users can process data of any size, in real time or on demand, and in a highly efficient manner. It allows us to simplify processing in parallel, concurrently, and sequentially, so you can focus on the core aspect of your business, and not on finding ways to be efficient enough.

Scramjet FrameworkScramjet Framework
Scramjet Cloud PlatformScramjet Cloud Platform