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Read messages from topic and write to Slack. This Sequence is a topic consumer, to make it work you need start another Sequence → sample discord-read that provides topic data under topic name "messages-slack-inbound".

In order to get SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL you need to create application in Slack first. Please refer to notes in slack-read example.

Once you have an application in Slack. Open it and under Features select Incoming Webhooks

Activate incoming webhooks and add a new webhook to workspace by clicking on Add New Webhook to Workspace button. Follow prompts and select which channel you want to use.

Copy Webhook URL and save, it will be used later as SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL in the notes below.


❗ Remember to setup transform-hub locally or use the platform's environment for the sequence deployment.

Open the terminal and run the following commands:

# install dependencies
npm install

# transpile TS->JS to dist/
npm run build

# make a compressed package with Sequence
si seq pack dist

# send Sequence to transform hub, this will output Sequence ID
si seq send dist.tar.gz

# start a Sequence, provide SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL as the second parameter
si seq start - --args [\"SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL\"]

# now type some messages in Discord, you should see them send and displayed in Slack on the dedicated #channel

Check out the source on GitHub

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