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A Sequence that commits a JSON object to a file on Github


  • Name: @scramjet/send-to-github
  • Version: 0.23.0
  • Language: typescript
  • Author: kociolekscramjet
  • Tags: medium,GitHub,Git,Business Automation,Data Transformer

In this sample, Sequence after deployment takes JSON objects on input stream and commits it to a file on Github. If the file does not exist a new file is created. If the file exists contents of the file are updated.


For the sequence to work the Github repository is necessary. Also Personal Access Token needs to be provided and it can be obtained here.

❗ Remember to setup transform-hub locally or use the platform's environment for the sequence deployment.


Create config.json using example.config.json as an example. Put valid Github repository info and the Personal Access Token in the config.json and save it.

To start the sequence run the commands below:

# go to sample directory cd typescript/send-to-github # install dependencies npm install # transpile TS->JS and copy node_modules and package.json to dist/ npm run build # deploy the Sequence from the dist/ directory, which contains transpiled code, package.json and node_modules si sequence deploy dist -f config.json # see the Instance log si inst log -

Check logs for the Github client creation. It should be present if everything is all right.

{"level":"DEBUG","msg":"Creating GitClient","ts":1658791965555,"from":"Sequence","Runner":{"id":"1fa83e60-9705-41c5-83a6-722d926bd137"}} {"level":"DEBUG","msg":"Creating GitClient","ts":1658791965555,"from":"Sequence","CSIController":{"id":"1fa83e60-9705-41c5-83a6-722d926bd137"}}

To create or update a file in the repository send a JSON object to the input of the sequence. Remember it should be in one line.

# connect to the input stream of the instance si inst input <id> # provide title for the todo element {"test":2}

After that, the logs should show which file is being changed and if it ended with success.

{"level":"DEBUG","msg":"Trying to get test.json file contents","ts":1658789843499,"from":"Sequence","Runner":{"id":"bb32a230-cceb-48db-b2e2-eb7fedbd18bf"}} {"level":"DEBUG","msg":"Trying to get test.json file contents","ts":1658789843499,"from":"Sequence","CSIController":{"id":"bb32a230-cceb-48db-b2e2-eb7fedbd18bf"}} {"level":"INFO","msg":"Previous version SHA 7ee7b727838a5d8e76088a01348d3081542c5266","ts":1658789843655,"from":"Sequence","Runner":{"id":"bb32a230-cceb-48db-b2e2-eb7fedbd18bf"}} {"level":"DEBUG","msg":"Saving json to github repository file test.json","ts":1658789843655,"from":"Sequence","Runner":{"id":"bb32a230-cceb-48db-b2e2-eb7fedbd18bf"}} {"level":"INFO","msg":"Previous version SHA 7ee7b727838a5d8e76088a01348d3081542c5266","ts":1658789843655,"from":"Sequence","CSIController":{"id":"bb32a230-cceb-48db-b2e2-eb7fedbd18bf"}} {"level":"DEBUG","msg":"Saving json to github repository file test.json","ts":1658789843655,"from":"Sequence","CSIController":{"id":"bb32a230-cceb-48db-b2e2-eb7fedbd18bf"}} {"level":"INFO","msg":"Object have been saved!","ts":1658789843965,"from":"Sequence","Runner":{"id":"bb32a230-cceb-48db-b2e2-eb7fedbd18bf"}} {"level":"INFO","msg":"Object have been saved!","ts":1658789843965,"from":"Sequence","CSIController":{"id":"bb32a230-cceb-48db-b2e2-eb7fedbd18bf"}}

As the last step, check the file's contents in the Github repository.

{ "test": 2 }