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❗ Remember to setup transform-hub locally or use the platform's environment for the sequence deployment.

Open the terminal and run the following commands:

# go to 'mediawiki' directory
cd typescript/mediawiki

# install dependencies
npm install

# transpile TS->JS to dist/
npm run build

# deploy the Sequence from the dist/ directory, which contains transpiled code, package.json and node_modules
si seq deploy dist

# See output
si inst output -

# Check console.log messages
si inst stdout -

# Check console.error messages
si inst stderr -

# Send event, e.g. `drain`: `si inst emit <instance-id> drain "{}"`
si inst event emit - <event> <payload>

💡NOTE: Command deploy performs three actions at once: pack, send and start the Sequence. It is the same as if you would run those three commands separately:

si seq pack dist/ -o mediawiki.tar.gz    # compress 'dist/' directory into file named 'mediawiki.tar.gz'

si seq send mediawiki.tar.gz # send packed Sequence to STH, this will output Sequence ID

si seq start - --args [\"<search>\"] # start the Sequence, this will output Instance ID. Search is optional and can be used to filter out results, e.g. "data.server_name === ''"

Example Event


"topic": "eqiad.mediawiki.recentchange",
"partition": 0,
"timestamp": 1631710626001
"topic": "codfw.mediawiki.recentchange",
"partition": 0,
"offset": -1


"$schema": "/mediawiki/recentchange/1.0.0",
"meta": {
"uri": "",
"request_id": "41ba28c2-c8ce-4331-9e5d-96ca10e116ef",
"id": "48ae7d49-e28d-4ad5-9922-d2972e492ab7",
"dt": "2021-09-15T12:57:06Z",
"domain": "",
"stream": "mediawiki.recentchange",
"topic": "eqiad.mediawiki.recentchange",
"partition": 0,
"offset": 3299628122
"id": 1423007653,
"type": "edit",
"namespace": 0,
"title": "Bernie Ecclestone",
"comment": "/* Racial statement */Fixed typo",
"timestamp": 1631710626,
"user": "2A02:C7F:2CA7:F700:DC87:1AF6:9C2B:4497",
"bot": false,
"minor": false,
"length": {
"old": 59388,
"new": 59393
"revision": {
"old": 1043848398,
"new": 1044480964
"server_url": "",
"server_name": "",
"server_script_path": "/w",
"wiki": "enwiki",
"parsedcomment": "<span dir=\"auto\"><span class=\"autocomment\"><a href=\"/wiki/Bernie_Ecclestone#Racial_statement\" title=\"Bernie Ecclestone\">→‎Racial statement</a>: </span>Fixed typo</span>"

Check out the source on GitHub

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