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Sequence that reads messages from Discord channel and writes to topic.


  • Name: @scramjet/discord-read
  • Version: 0.23.0
  • Language: typescript
  • Author: pietrzakacper
  • Tags: advanced,discord,messaging,bot,Data Producer

Read messages from Discord channel and write to topic. This Sequence is a topic provider, it writes data under a topic name messages-slack-inbound in "application/x-ndjson" content type.

Discord Documentation

In order to read messages from Discord we need to create a bot first:

  • Go to Developer Portal and click on Applications
  • Click on New Application button and give it a name. Then click on Create.
  • In the newly created and selected app, click on Bot and click on Add Bot button.
  • Under Build-A-Bot either click on Click to Reveal Token link or on Copy button to get Discord Bot Token. This is important!
  • You can uncheck Public Bot.
  • You can customize its name and icon.
  • Expand OAuth2 and select URL Generator.
  • Select bot under scopes and Read Messages/View Channels under bot permissions. Copy URL.
  • Paste the URL into web browser address bar. Connect to Discord message will appear. Select your server from Add To Server dropdown and click on Continue. If you don't have any servers you need to create one in those simple steps:
    1. Start the Discord app for desktop or smartphone/tablet.
    2. Log into your Discord account.
    3. Click on the plus symbol on the left-hand side of the page.
    4. Select the option “Create a server”.
    5. Enter the name of your new Discord server.
    6. Click on “Create”.
  • Confirm permissions on the next screen by clicking Authorize button.
  • You will get a confirmation saying: you may now close this window or tab.

Create a file called config.json and add:


Add config.json to main directory in discord-read sample and follow running process below:


❗ Remember to setup transform-hub locally or use the platform's environment for the sequence deployment.

# install dependencies npm install # transpile TS->JS to dist/ npm run build # make a compressed package with Sequence si seq pack dist # send Sequence to transform hub, this will output Sequence ID si seq send dist.tar.gz # start a Sequence si seq start - -f config.json # check Discord API connection via stdout stream si inst stdout - # type some messages on any channel on your Discord server and view the messages in topic si topic get messages-slack-inbound