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❗ By default this code adds 5 same entries for all weekdays. For weekends it adds new entries with 0 hours on them.


You need to have a clockify account and a access key

You also need to have scramjet cli installed, for guide how to install visit our documentation


Before running the code enter valid data in data.json, you need to fill all options to make the code working. For more information how to get those details visit Clockify Api documentation.

"workspace": "WORKSPACE-ID",
"weekDayProjectId": "WEEKDAY-PROJECT-ID",
"satProjectId": "SATURDAY-PROJECT-ID",
"sunProjectId": "SUNDAY-PROJECT-ID",
"startHour": 9, //Start hour here in 24h format without leading 0 and minutes
"endHour": 17, //End hour here in 24h format without leading 0 and minutes
"satStartHour": 9,
"satEndHour": 9,
"sunStartHour": 9,
"sunEndHour": 9


To start the sequence simply run those commands in your terminal:

# go to sample directory
cd typescript/clockify

# install dependencies
npm install

# transpile TS->JS and copy node_modules and package.json to dist/
npm run build

# deploy the Sequence from the dist/ directory, which contains transpiled code, package.json and node_modules
si sequence deploy dist --args [1,\"key\"]

After completing all steps the instance should be running and adding new entries to clockify daily.

Check out the source on GitHub

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