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❗ Remember to setup transform-hub locally or use the platform's environment for the sequence deployment.


Get github Personal Access Token


Get Clickup Token

Create ClickUp Workspace

Create new Workspace or use existing one.

Shorten the process of creating a new Workspace even further by clicking the + symbol in your Settings Menu. This will take you directly into the onboarding process for your new Workspace.

Set name of newly created workspace to config.json > cu_workspace =

Set config.json file

cp python/gh-issues-to-clickup/config-example.json python/gh-issues-to-clickup/config.json

Edit config.json file:

"github": {
"gh_token": "GITHUB_TOKEN",
"gh_repos": [
"clickup": {
"cu_token": "CLICKUP_TOKEN",
"cu_api_url": "",
"cu_workspace": "<ClickUp Workspace Name>"

Send Sequence to Scramjet Cloud Platform

sudo update-alternatives --config python # set python3 to 3.9 (/usr/bin/python3.9)

cd python/gh-issues-to-clickup
yarn build:refapps # build sequence
si seq deploy -f config.json dist/ # deploy and run sequence

Go to and chosen Workspace and then check if the GH issues have been imported.

Check out the source on GitHub

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