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Launch Transform Hub with Sequences

Launch Scramjet Transform Hub (STH) alongside Sequences by providing a JSON file path. This file should be a JSON object containing key-value pairs that provide the necessary information to initiate one or more Sequences.
By default, the STH unpacks a zipped Sequence with its dependencies into the .scramjet_sequences directory. Additional information on how to pack a Sequence is under the Sequence development guide Pack a Sequence section.
Alternatively, when initiating a Sequence with STH from a different directory, the Sequence startup configuration JSON file's value should match the Sequence folder name containing the main logic file and its required dependencies, for example: "id":"sequence-1".

└── sequences-directory
├── sequence-1
└── sequence-2

The usage of the command-line to launch STH with a Sequence startup configuration file is shown below.

DEVELOPMENT=true sth --runtime-adapter=process -S path/to/sequence-startup.json -E -D path/to/folder/with/sequences-directory # .scramjet_sequences

DEVELOPMENT=true is an optional environment variable that provides access to the Runner logs in the STH terminal.

  • -S or --startup-config <path>- A configuration option specifies the path to the JSON file containing the required metadata for launching the Sequence(s) with STH. This feature exclusively supported by process adapter
  • -E or --identify-existing - An option enables the automatic discovery and the addition of the Sequence(s) to STH during startup
  • -D or --sequences-root <path> - A configuration option specifies the location of the Sequences directory and where ProcessSequenceAdapter will save newly created Sequences
  • -X or --exit-with-last-instance - An optional flag that can be specified to cause STH to terminate itself upon completion of all Instances
  • Sequence startup JSON file

    The JSON file defines a list of all the Sequences to be started with the STH. Each Sequence have 3 attributes.
    The id, a mandatory value referring to the folder name of the Sequence and its dependencies.
    The arguments, an optional value, used by Sequences requiring arguments upon startup. those arguments must be provided as a string separated by a comma with no spacing in between arguments.
    The Instance-id, a mandatory value in accordance to the globally unique identifier number (GUID) format.
    For reference, a sample of a sequence-startup.json file is illustrated below.

    "sequences": [
    "id": "xl1200x0-883l-883n-883c-1200v0o1200n", # folder name of a Sequence
    "args": ["string","string"],
    "instanceId": "117fxlrs-fxdl-fxbr-vrsc-hd1130vrscdx" # GUID

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